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We are the premier all-in-one non-hazardous liquid waste management solution. We offer a vast portfolio of services with the best customer experience in the industry.  Let us help you reach your maintenance, environmental, and disposal goals.

Industries we serve

  • Landfill Services
Customer Site

Manage & Haul

We are a leading provider of large-scale leachate reclamation and leachate processing services, providing customers with responsible stewardship and volume management for their landfill.

Leachate Disposal

If you have a need for leachate disposal we have multiple facilities throughout the midwest and midsouth that are fully permitted and licensed to accept third party leachate disposal.  

Leachate Plant

Manage & Haul

Customer Site

We’re a leading provider of large-scale fluid reclamation and waste processing services, providing customers with responsible fluid stewardship and management off-site.

  • Industrial streams (oily water, waste oils, and water mix)
  • Leachate
  • Sludges
  • Surfactants (packaged drums and bulk wash waters)
  • Heavy Metal Wash Waters
  • Adhesive Waters

Recycle & Reuse

Leachate Plant

There are several compelling reasons why companies who use water in the course of manufacturing are now turning to wastewater recycling and reuse solutions from Derby City Environmental, but none so impactful as limited and continually dwindling water supplies. It is estimated that more than 20% of global water usage is consumed by industrial manufacturing. Local utilities can no longer guarantee access to plentiful, affordable water. As a result, manufacturers must consider the benefits of removal and the reuse of water already within their process.

Rethinking The Value Proposition

Mud and Water Suspension

It has long been proven the cost of recycling wastewater outweighs the price of water. However, with supplies decreasing and the cost of water reuse technologies lowering, manufacturers can effectively adopt recycle projects that were once too costly to validate. This argument is especially true in situations where substantial treatment is necessary before discharging to the sewer or environment, such that nominal capital investment or increased operational costs due to recycling can be easily justified.

Not Your Ordinary Environmental Company

Lets Make A Difference

The Sustainable Solution

Our responsibility to the planet is as important as anything we do.

Minimize Liquid Waste Impact

Our comprehensive material life cycle minimizes liquid waste impact.

The Grasslands Advantage

We work with you to tailor the maintenance program that fits your needs.

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