Food and Beverage Processing

Pumping & Hauling

We offer a variety of pumping and hauling services to aid in your site maintenance, compliance, or emergency needs.

  • Waters
  • Sludges
  • Oils
  • Lift Stations
  • Separators
  • Holding Tanks
  • Ponds
  • Ditches
  • etc.
Trucking services for Jetting, Used Cooking Oil Collections, and Pressure Washing in Atlanta, GA

Oil Collection

Grassland Environmental offers full scale waste oil collection services. Our expert team can control the entire waste process or aid in collection, hauling, or processing. From equipment set-up, collection, to transport and processing we offer a portfolio of services that can meet your needs.


  • Maintenance: We provide maintenance jetting services to ensure proper plumbing functions throughout your facility.
  • Consultation: If you need consultation during the building or expansion phase we have vast experience working with engineering to develop a drainage system that will set you up for success..
  • Emergency: Have an emergency backup or clog that is causing you downtime? Give us a call so that we can remedy the situation.
Hydro Jetting in Atlanta, GA for Grease Trap Pumping and Installation

Pressure Washing

Grasslands Environmental’s Pressure Washing services can be on an as-needed basis or scheduled monthly to keep your property looking great year round. From grease traps or lift stations to a dirty sidewalk, parking lot, building, patio or more, we can service your needs.

Pressure Washing solutions for Nashville TN, Atlanta GA, and Louisville KY

Spill Cleanup

Besides being unsightly, spills can also lead to significant environmental problems. While each spill is unique in some way, our team has the unique ability to help control the situation and get your spill cleaned up professionally and efficiently, in an environmentally friendly manner.


Here at Grasslands Environmental, we recognize that not all food processors are the same and each has its own unique set of disposal needs. Throughout our experience with food processors, we have been able to dispose and process over 100,000,000 gallons of materials a year in environmentally compliant ways. We can help find the unique solutions that work for you.

Trucking Services provided by Grassland Environmental in Nashville, Atlanta, and Louisville

Product Destruction

In today's manufacturing environment, there are very few equipment defects. However, manufacturers are rarely able to sustain a ZERO defect environment. How do you deal with a situation when products are found to have a defect? Don't simply throw them away.

If products you make or control fall into the wrong hands, your equipment or materials could potentially harm others, your business or even the environment. Let us help you work out a safe way to destroy and discard these products — removing the liability & risk of just throwing them away.

Let's Make A Difference

The Sustainable Solution

Our responsibility to the planet is as important as anything we do.

Minimize Liquid Waste Impact

Our comprehensive material life cycle minimizes liquid waste impact.

The Grasslands Advantage

We work with you to tailor the maintenance program that fits your needs.