Drain Cleaning

Expert Drain Cleaning Services

Are your sinks draining slowly, super backed up, or even smell bad? It may be time to have your drains properly cleaned. Grasslands Environmental has the Hydro Jetting solutions you need to ensure you completely clean the inside of your drains & drain lines.

Machine for cleaning blocked drains | Drain cleaning services in Nashville, TN

Drain Cleaning in Tennessee, Georgia, and Kentucky

Grasslands Environmental’s Drain Cleaning services can be on an as-needed basis or scheduled monthly to keep your property looking great year round. We service multiple locations, including the cities of Nashville, TN, Atlanta, GA, and Louisville, KY.

Hydro Jetting Solutions

  • Maintenance: We provide maintenance jetting services to ensure proper plumbing functions throughout your facility.
  • Consultation: If you need consultation during the building or expansion phase we have vast experience working with engineering to develop a drainage system that will set you up for success.
  • Emergency: Have an emergency backup or clog that is causing you downtime? Give us a call so that we can remedy the situation.
Hydro jetting solutions used for unclogging drains in Nashville, TN

Choose Grasslands Environmental For:

The Sustainable Solution

Our responsibility to the planet is as important as anything we do.

Minimize Liquid Waste Impact

Our comprehensive material life cycle minimizes liquid waste impact.

The Grasslands Advantage

We work with you to tailor the maintenance program that fits your needs.