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Restaurants, Grocery & Convenience Store

We provide services for grease traps, cooking oil, drain cleaning, grease trap certification, pressure washing and non-haz spill cleanup.

Landfill Services

We provide services for managing and hauling, as well as leachate disposal.

Food and Beverage Processing

Pumping and hauling, oil collection, jetting, pressure washing, spill cleanup, disposal, and product destruction.

Environmental Services

Wastewater treatment and reclamation services.

Commercial Septic

Commercial septic pumping and maintenance.

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Grease Trap Cleaning Solutions

Are you responsible for the cleanliness of a hotel, restaurant, food plant, or a commercial kitchen? If so, then you should be aware of Grease Trap Cleaning, Hydro Jetting, Line Jetting, and more so how it should be done. Learn how to prevent grease and fat waste from blocking your drainage and sewage treatment system.


It would help if you took a lot of caution with drainage and sewer lines in critical places such as food processing plants and restaurants. Hygiene is one of the most important factors to consider when food and human life is concerned. Grease and fats block the drainage system and sewer lines over a period and this may become toxic if nothing is done in time. Leftover foods tend to rot; if this happens in the grease trap, then with time, very toxic sulfate gas is released. Toxic gasses may attack mild steels when they react with water, and this may bring more significant problems in the future if not mitigated. If you ignore the sulfate reaction in the grease trap for long, then the grease trap may become ineffective, which may force you to replace it. Therefore, it is vital to maintain a routine Grease Trap Cleaning, Hydro Jetting, Line Jetting, and keep on checking mild steels and concrete for possible damage.


To ensure that your kitchen’s overall hygiene is well kept, maintain the Grease Trap Cleaning, Hydro Jetting, Line Jetting to clear the risk of bad smell. It is also advisable to maintain cleanliness to avoid expensive future repairs and replacements.

Grease Management Systems

A grease management system is essential for restaurants, food processing plants, and commercial kitchens. With a suitable grease trap cleaning policy in your business, you will significantly improve overall hygiene and minimize maintenance and repairs cost. Routine cleaning also enhances the efficiency of the grease trap.


If you don’t have a proper grease trap cleaning program, all the grease interceptors will eventually be filled, and this will render your grease trap ineffective. It is recommended that you have a biological dossing and an Electromechanical grease trapping system for proper grease trap maintenance.


Usually, environmental agencies such as the water companies ask for the grease management service update, which means that if you want to be on the safe side with the regulatory body, you should have a proper grease management program running.

When to Clean the Grease Trap

Your business operation schedule will determine the time you carry out the grease trap units. You should do the cleaning when the time is right so that you don’t interfere with your business activities. You should know that grease trap or sewer line cleaning may produce odor smell; however, you can always rely on odorless service maintenance from your trusted grease trap cleaning company or service provider.


Also, for proper grease trap and sewer line maintenance, you should have a reliable service provider. Much should be done to ensure that your drainage system is up and running promptly, drain runs should be routinely inspected, regular cleaning of the grease trap unit, running fresh water through the drains, and proper waste disposal mechanism should be in place.

Hydro Jet Cleaning

The quickest way of cleaning clogged drains and sewers is the use of a hydro jet cleaning method. Hydro jet cleaning is the use of a hose with high pressured water; this is used to push the dirt and blockages, and the water pressure is controlled to drive the waste to the main sewer line. The use of a hydro jet is the best for cleaning the grease trap; unlike snaking, the use of forced water helps clean the grease trap unit’s walls, removing all the debris.


Hydro jet cleaning also cleans all the pips and the drains, which guarantees time before you conduct another cleanup.

Benefits of Hydro Jetting Drain Pipes

Hydro jet cleaning is efficient and effective for cleaning drains and sewer lines. The high pressured water pushes away all the stubborn grease, oil, dirt, and even the developing tree roots. Once you run the pressured water through the drains, you will not require any other special maintenance. Also, the sewers are very unlikely to clog any time soon.


Hydro jetting is also very Eco-friendly, this system requires no chemical for cleaning the drains, and it will save you from digging clogged pipes for replacement.


The beauty of using water is that it can penetrate to the extreme bends, and it can take the shape of any pipe, unlike for the case of snaking where cleaning depends on the how far the snake can reach In the drain, hydro jet sweeps along with everything on the way.

Line Jetting

In most cases, line jetting and Hydro-jetting are closely related and interchangeable. However, line jetting is mostly used for smaller sewer lines about 3 inches in diameter. On the other hand, hydro flushing is used for more significant lines.

Benefits of Line Jetting

Cleaning your kitchen or restaurant grease trap regularly with line jetting services has its advantages. Line jetting is simple to carry out and may not call for a total closure of your business to carry out, and this will save many for your business by running the business without stopping for maintenance.


Regular line jetting of the grease trap will significantly increase the life span and effectiveness of the trap. With regular line jetting, you will be safe from the usual grease leaks from the kitchen that often gets into the sewer system. You will face hefty fines when the grease leaks from your kitchen to the local sewer system.


It is the responsibility of all the restaurant and food processing plant owners to keep the grease trap of their kitchens are kept clean and checked regularly. You should have a grease trap management system to ensure that your kitchen drain flow is smooth and avoid risking contaminating the local sewer lines. Grease Trap Cleaning, Hydro Jetting, and Line Jetting are right for your business and the lives of the people who depend on the local sewer system.

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